View of Mostar

Beautiful Bosnia

Posted by on Oct 20, 2015

Straddling the Neretva River, lies Mostar. Defined by the iconic Stari Most (old bridge) Mostar is a beautiful village in southern Bosnia-Herzegovina. The scars of the early 1990s war that ravaged the country are still visible. But the beauty of the old town still exists thanks to extensive restoration works.¬†Mostar relies heavily on tourists to …

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Transient Taipei

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

Although not often thought of, as a stopover destination. We found Taipei to be a vibrant, exciting city in the orient. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is the home of Taiwanese culture and cuisine. The pulse of this city is strong, and much like the rest of Asia, shopping is a sport. From …

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Italian Getaway

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015

Positano, the jewel of the Amalfi, is a gorgeous picture perfect town that rests above the crystal clear waters of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This touristic town quickly became a favourite of ours. the relaxing quaint village is defined by its colourful houses and buildings that hang to the cliffside. at the bottom of the town …

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Lanterns at Asakusa

Tokyo Time

Posted by on Oct 11, 2014

Our first international getaway together, and what a blast. Tokyo is the worlds most populous city, it is dynamic and niche with a little something for everyone. Although the city is vast and extensive, it is also organised and the people friendly and helpful. This bustling megacity is a unique mix of traditional and ultra …

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