Lanterns at Asakusa

Tokyo Time

Posted by on Oct 11, 2014

Our first international getaway together, and what a blast. Tokyo is the worlds most populous city, it is dynamic and niche with a little something for everyone. Although the city is vast and extensive, it is also organised and the people friendly and helpful. This bustling megacity is a unique mix of traditional and ultra modern, fast and slow. Tokyo quickly becomes a mesmerising and memorable destination.


We stayed in a slightly off the beaten track area of Tokyo, Nishi-kasai. This semi-residential urban area of Tokyo is well connected to the city via the Tokyo metro. The area offered many local restaurants and ramen bars, that were frequented by locals giving us a more authentic experience.

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Shibuya is the shopping and entertainment district of Tokyo, and well worth a trip. At its centre is the Shibuya crossing, regarded the worlds busiest pedestrian crossing. Ants of people cross the road in organised chaos. People watching over the crossing is best experience from the second floor of the Starbucks, where we enjoyed sipping green tea lattes whilst watching the people below. There is also many vending machine ramen bars, popular eateries for both locals and tourists. We found great pleasure in ordering from the machines on the outside of the restaurant inserting our cash, then going inside to wait for out steaming hot bowls of broth and noodles.


For a taste of the traditional, we love to visit Asukasa. This historic district of Tokyo is best known for Sensō-ji. A beautiful Buddhist temple, and the oldest in Tokyo. The temple is surrounded by many shops and stalls and eateries catering to the tourists. Although the area is fast paced, like most of Tokyo. It is not hard to find solace in the stunning traditional gardens housed on the temple grounds.


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