Transient Taipei

Posted by on Oct 16, 2015

Although not often thought of, as a stopover destination. We found Taipei to be a vibrant, exciting city in the orient. Taipei is the capital of Taiwan and is the home of Taiwanese culture and cuisine. The pulse of this city is strong, and much like the rest of Asia, shopping is a sport. From world class shopping malls to crowded street markets.Taipei is a shoppers paradise. Taipei is a shoppers paradise.


We took great pleasure in prowling the night markets, bubble tea in hand, hunting down bargains and snacking on street food. A short trip to Taipei is definitely not complete without a trip to the Shilin night market. The crowded laneways are littered with stalls, vendors selling anything from bootleg movies to traditional Taiwanese treats. On our visit, we discovered a stall selling tandoor-like, baked barbecue pork buns, the delicious sweet sticky pork mixture melts in your mouth, and is a must try when exploring Shilin.


In direct contrast to the night markets is Taipei 101. With its extensive luxury shopping mall, where opulence and excess bare no limits underneath the “stacked noodle box tower.” For the best views of the cityscape and the tower, we loved the Marco Polo lounge in the Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Hotel. We Reviled in the breathtaking views whilst enjoying a delicate afternoon tea.


After shopping and eating, the climb up Elephant hill is ruthless. The view from the top is remarkable, with the concrete metropolis spanning out as far as the eye can see. exploring this nature escape is in nice disparity to the fast pace of Taipei city life.


Taipei is not well regarded as a transit point, but we found that the city catered with an array of attractions and cuisine that made our 48-hour stopover vibrant and engaging. The people are incredibly friendly and helpful, and the food is mouthwatering and unique. Taipei is definitely worth a visit, even if just for a day.

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