Italian Getaway

Posted by on Oct 10, 2015

Positano, the jewel of the Amalfi, is a gorgeous picture perfect town that rests above the crystal clear waters of Italy’s Amalfi Coast. This touristic town quickly became a favourite of ours. the relaxing quaint village is defined by its colourful houses and buildings that hang to the cliffside. at the bottom of the town is a small beach that is crowded with tourists and locals lapping up the sun. During our time on the Amalfi, we loved exploring the many narrow lanes that are an iconic feature of Positano.


Amongst all the Cafes and boutiques we stumbled across the stunning Casa e Bottega. This delightful eatery is a far cry from the high carbs of Italian cuisine. Using the freshest of ingredients, the Artists behind the open kitchen create simple salads and sandwiches that are simply to die for. The beautiful food is prepared right in front of you. On this occasion, we opted to sit at the Kitchen bench where we ate our lunch and enjoyed watching the chefs create with passion. The food may be simple but the flavours are BIG, we highly recommend this fresh oasis.


After lunch, we would explore the slender streets of Positano. The smell of lemon is always in the air as these grow plentiful on the Coast. And the streets are lined with vines and pink petunia. As Positano is quite Touristy, especially in the Summer months, we were not surprised to find that the prices here are almost as steep as the old streets that ascend the hillside. That being said we found great value in the restaurants and boutiques we explored. Another being Da Adolfo. A traditional restaurant accessible only by boat.


We waited under the golden rays of the sun down at the dock on the waters edge. In the distance a boat to the restaurant approached, only recognisable by a red fish symbol held up on a pole at the bow of the boat. We reached the restaurant on a small private beach after a short ten-minute ride. The cool sea breeze was a nice contrast to the stagnant dry heat of the Amalfi sun. The restaurant is a family owned gem, with a simple chalkboard menu that changes daily.


The Mozzarella covered lemon leaves, in particular, are a must, you can taste the freshness and the love in the homestyle Italian cooking. After a few days on the Coast, one finds themselves truly relaxed after indulging in stunning cuisine and spectacular views. Sadly for us, it was time for our Amalfi journey to end, Positano remaining a very special and unique village throughout our travels.

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